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Apr 13

Our Patent on "HIGH SPEED ADAPTIVE-MULTI-LOOP MODE IMAGING ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPY" Inventors: Qingze Zou, Juan Ren, and Jiangbo Liu) has been approved (! 

May 25

Tianwei and Qingze attended ACC in Seattle, WA, where Tianwei presented his paper. First ACC for Tianwei!

Apr 03

Jiangbo successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation! And he will start to work as an algorithm engineer in Mathworks Inc., MA. Congrats to Jiangbo!

Our group has being worked on developing system dynamics and control algorithms for precision positioning and trajectory tracking with applications to the following areas:


  • High-speed, large-range scanning probe microscope imaging;
  • Rapid, broadband nanomechanical characterization of soft biological samples;
  • High-throughput advanced manufacturing;
  • Nanoscale vibration elimination;